weavings & wall hangings

A variety of weavings and wall hangings will be offered for sale at the October 15 Park Circle Art Walk. Any unsold pieces will be listed for sale in my Etsy shop.

If you are interested in commissioning a custom made piece, please complete my Request Form and I will be in touch to work out the details.

Over the course of 2022, I fell deeply in love with weaving. After some experimentation on my own, I led several groups of middle schoolers through a series of lessons in which we created simple cardboard looms and practiced the basic “over and under” tabby weave. I love how easy it is to introduce weaving in its most basic form to kids and adults - and how quickly most catch on to the soothing repetition of the weaving movements. It can be such a meditative practice.

I invested in a few wood frame looms and dove deeper. I began collecting yarn (most of it thrifted or donated) and trying out various styles and stitches. I attached shells and beads and bits of found rope and jute to my work. I deconstructed jewelry to add sparkle and shine to weavings. I foraged for driftwood and fallen branches to hang weavings from.

Currently I’m experimenting with incorporating 3D elements into my weavings. So far I’ve added ceramic pins, attached handmade fabric scrap flowers, and built leaves from plastic canvas and yarn. I'm also collaborating with several local spinning artists to use my yarn scraps to create new art yarn with its own one of a kind texture. There seems to be no end to the innovation possible in fiber arts!