My Heart is a Forest

In December 2023, I exhibited a series of mixed media and fiber works at the The Park Circle Art Gallery. Here is the description for my solo show: 

Rick Rubin once said, “The act of creation is an attempt to enter a mysterious realm. A longing to transcend. What we create allows us to share glimpses of an inner landscape, one that is beyond our understanding. Art is our portal to the unseen world.” Inspired by this quote, local artist Melissa Meverden presents My Heart is a Forest, an exhibition of mixed media and fiber works that explore nature and intuition. “When I reflect on what the mysterious realm of creativity looks like, I imagine a primeval forest - full of changing light, meandering paths, and layers of rich color and texture,” Meverden explains. “The works featured in this exhibition serve as artifacts from journeys into that dense inner landscape.”

2023 North Charleston Arts Fest 

In May of 2023, I exhibited two pieces of fiber art in the North Charleston Arts Fest for the first time. It was a wonderful experience to be part of the incredible body of work on display in the Palmetto Hands craft exhibit.  One of my favorite works to date, the tapestry piece "The Magic Door," was purchased. 

Touch & See Traveling Exhibit

In May 2023, the Charleston County Public Library presented an art experience for visually impaired patrons, with an exhibition of art created to be experienced through touch. Each piece was accompanied by an audio recording of the artist explaining the inspiration for the piece. In October 2023, the exhibit was brought from the Hurd/St. Andrews library to the main branch of the library downtown on Calhoun Street. 

This weaving, titled "Elsa," combines velvety soft loops, tightly woven rows, and strings of plastic "crystals" to create a variety of dense textures. The icy-cool colors and crystalline accents prompted me to name this piece after the beloved Disney ice queen.