Art classes for homeschool students

I'm very excited to offer daytime homeschool art classes through the terrific Public Works Art Center in Summerville! Visit their website to see all the awesome classes they offer. 

Previous Workshops & Classes

Living in Your Journal 

I was honored to serve as the October featured artist in the 2022 Living in Your Journal course alongside big names in the mixed media world such as Ali Manning, Seth Apter, Minette Riordan, Mary Correa, and Wendy Solganik.

This class, hosted by Andrea Chebeleu at A Work of Heart Studio, is a continuation of her awesome Daily Creative Practice Journal class.


North Charleston Cultural Arts Creative Arts

Workshops (click here for more info)

August 2020, June 2021, February 2022, March 2023

My 2-hour workshops for adults include:

Berkeley County Junior Scholars Institute

June 2014-2019, 2021

Summer camp for gifted and talented high school students, with courses including:


Artist Collaboration Book - a project from collage artist Lydia Rink (click here for a look inside)

October 2019

Always learning...

Here are some of my favorite courses and workshops that I've taken, in no particular order:

I regularly attend or teach classes through the North Charleston Cultural Arts Department.  If you're local to Charleston, this is an extraordinary way to experience a myriad of art techniques, mediums, etc. very affordably. 

I also recommend joining a meeting of the North Charleston Artist Guild. Check us out on Instagram or Facebook for more info.